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jacinta's crossword

  1. 1. primary care physcian
  2. 3. medical records also play an important role in medical research
  3. 5. subjective objective assessment plan
  4. 6. altering something to meet individual specification
  5. 8. able to trust the accuracy of the information in the medical records
  6. 9. audits government entities
  7. 11. electronic medical record
  8. 12. may be transmitted directly to the pharmacy
  9. 15. list each condition or diagnosis a patient has is listed separately and given its own number
  10. 17. medical records should be kept up to date
  11. 18. audits medical staff can perform internal audits
  12. 20. problem oriented medical record
  1. 1. personal health record
  2. 2. progress notes are entered for each problem listed in the initial record
  3. 4. pertaining to data that are readily apparent and measurable
  4. 5. a subjective or internal condition felt by a patient
  5. 7. statistic data relating to the population and particular groups within
  6. 8. to examine and review a group of patients record for completeness and accuracy
  7. 10. is the process of recording information in the medical chart
  8. 13. record the clients exact words rather than your interpretation
  9. 14. the transforming of spoken notes into accurate written form
  10. 15. record/chart a compilation of important information about a patient's medical history and present condition
  11. 16. source oriented medical records
  12. 19. alert staff members about patients who require follow-up care
  13. 20. protective health information