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Jewellery Quarter Cemeteries June 2020

  1. 2. An architectural style associated with medieval churches which had a revival in the 19th century (6)
  2. 4. structures built into the hillside in both cemeteries with vaults inside to hold coffins (9)
  3. 6. blue flowering spring buld, common in Key Hill cemetery (8)
  4. 7. surname of author Kathleen whose mother and sister died in an air raid and are buried in Warstone Lane (5)
  5. 9. a style of architecture inspired by the Ancient Greeks and Romans (9)
  6. 10. erected in both cemeteries to remember those who fought in global conflict (3,8)
  7. 11. Also known as 'Kaye Hill' in some older records (3,4)
  1. 1. Chapel in the Church of England Cemetery was dedicated to St ______ and All Saints (7)
  2. 3. Bird used to symbolise peace, brought olive branch back to Noah's Ark
  3. 4. First name of Naden, Artist, Poet, Scientist, Philosopher (9)
  4. 5. Glacial boulder once used as a boundary marker (8)
  5. 8. tall trees which line avenue leading from lodge in Warstone Lane cemetery. They have heart shaped leaves and rough bark (5,6)