JMU Chemistry Crossword 2023

  1. 1. Use this table to simplify calculations in reverse equilibrium
  2. 3. On what piece of furniture are water bottles placed before entering the labs?
  3. 5. What floor in Phys/Chem would you travel to in order to use the AFM?
  4. 8. You would need a key to the closet on the 3rd floor to access this freezing chemical
  5. 10. Connect with a past JMU graduate on this social media platform
  6. 14. Word included in the chemstud password
  7. 17. This element has the longest name on the periodic table
  8. 18. Color of the neoprene gloves used in the general chemistry labs
  9. 20. Where is the Phys/Chem building located? ( _______ Dr.)
  10. 21. A material used to make the purple gloves in organic lab
  11. 23. For lab you must use this type of notebook
  12. 28. Pairs well with toasted bagels
  13. 30. Physics 240 professor who does not have a PhD
  14. 31. His lab is located in one of the four corners of the chemistry floor
  15. 32. The notoriously worst unit in most chemistry courses
  16. 33. 6.023E23
  17. 34. set of rules used to generate the names of chemical compounds
  18. 35. If you do not wish to walk to Ehall, this is your nearest option
  19. 37. What do you learn in CHEM131?
  1. 2. Group 16 on the periodic table is also known by this word
  2. 4. This paper can be used to test if your solution is acidic or basic
  3. 6. This technique is commonly done in the analytical lab
  4. 7. ACS the American Chemical _____________
  5. 9. How many elevators are located in the Phys/Chem building?
  6. 11. Her lab is the only chemistry lab located on the physics floor
  7. 12. These are held on Friday afternoons in King159
  8. 13. This is an instrument used in many organic labs
  9. 15. A Microsoft platform used in all labs
  10. 16. What do you smell from the toasters in downstairs EnGeo?
  11. 19. _______ rings, the best unit in organic chemistry
  12. 22. The chemistry department runs on this natural stimulant
  13. 24. James Madison's wife's name
  14. 25. A popular sneaker brand among JMU chemistry professors
  15. 26. The building blocks for all matter
  16. 27. You know when she's coming
  17. 29. Could be used to remove nail polish or clean glassware
  18. 31. A white powder used to clean lab glassware
  19. 36. The analytical chemistry professor