1. 4. Full name of the kpop group i REALLY dislike
  2. 8. My favourite twice member
  3. 10. The leader of RV
  4. 12. The name of RV's first and only sub-unit
  5. 15. Who in RV sustained serious injuries about a year ago so that the band has to go on hiatus
  6. 16. The name of the female actor/singer who was a female lead in the k drama we watched
  7. 18. Literally THE BEST kpop group in the universe
  8. 19. The only non-korean/non-japanese member of twice
  1. 1. Favourite fruit of my facourite twice member
  2. 2. My second favourite twice memeber
  3. 3. The bros duo of twice
  4. 5. Nickname of the twice memeber who is my second favourite
  5. 6. Currently my most like kpop BOYS band
  6. 7. The first kpop boys band I liked
  7. 9. The name of the my most disliked memeber of the group i REALLY dislike
  8. 11. The 4th oldest in RV
  9. 13. One of the best kpop group in the universe
  10. 14. Another name for Girls' Generation
  11. 17. The song that got me into kpop