Kacie’s Personal Kpop Crossword

  1. 6. a group I haven’t seen, likely won’t, but would like to (hint: SM group, bg)
  2. 8. who my current home screen is
  3. 9. she introduced me to kpop
  4. 11. my current bias of my favorite group
  5. 16. the third group I saw live (bg)
  6. 18. my first purchased kpop album group (bg)
  7. 19. a group I like but don’t talk about often (bg, 2 words)
  8. 20. the group I own the most albums for (excluding solo)
  1. 1. the first kpop group I heard of (girl group, 2 words)
  2. 2. the first group I saw live(bg)
  3. 3. my Girls’ Generation bias
  4. 4. my favorite ship from the group I most recently became a fan of
  5. 5. my bias from the third group I saw live (hint: MC)
  6. 7. the first group I became a fan of (boy group)
  7. 10. my favorite soloist who is not part of any group
  8. 12. the second group I saw live (bg)
  9. 13. who my current lock screen is (stage name)
  10. 14. the group I most recently became a fan of (bg)
  11. 15. my first bias in my favorite group
  12. 17. my Red Velvet bias