1. 5. "So", this is a favorite musical artist of Kevin's. Don't take a sledgehammer to yourself trying to think of the name.
  2. 7. Kevin's son and daughter.
  3. 10. Kevin has often said he aspired to this out-of-this-world occupation.
  4. 12. Kevin's mom.
  5. 13. Kevin writes with this hand, though he plays guitar with the other.
  6. 15. Local area in which Kevin grew up, similar to a county in the USA.
  7. 16. Kevin's dad.
  8. 18. As a teenager, Kevin was in this band with best friend Jamie Reid.
  9. 19. A favorite soup of Kevin's prepared by his mother.
  10. 22. A favorite comedy film of Kevin's by an American director.
  11. 23. Kevin's astrological sign.
  12. 25. Kevin's birth year.
  13. 27. Oatmeal dish, fried with onions and cooked in butter or drippings, another favorite of Kevin's.
  14. 28. Kevin originally went to university to study this.
  15. 31. Kevin performed as a jumping-ooter at this popular Edinburgh tourist haunt.
  16. 35. Jessica Capshaw's stepdad would be happy to know that this film is a childhood favorite of Kevin's.
  17. 37. This popular 1970s male folk artist has a friend in Kevin. Kevin might walk thru fire and rain to see one of his concerts.
  18. 39. Kevin worked at this distillery when he was about 17.
  19. 40. Kevin's wife.
  1. 1. The color of Kevin's eyes.
  2. 2. Elementary school that Kevin attended.
  3. 3. Kevin joined this student theatre company. It's home is a neo-gothic church with red doors.
  4. 4. Kevin was active in this acting venue throughout childhood and still maintains friendships with many of the others he met there.
  5. 6. Kevin's natural hair color.
  6. 8. A favorite sport of Kevin's.
  7. 9. As a teenager, Kevin drew a mural of this superhero on his bedroom wall.
  8. 11. Kevin studied drama at this university.
  9. 14. Kevin first went to this university, doing one term, before changing the focus of his major.
  10. 17. Kevin's middle name.
  11. 20. Kevin's homeland.
  12. 21. Favorite book of Kevin’s by J.D. Salinger.
  13. 24. Kevin's 3 family dogs.
  14. 26. Kevin's hometown.
  15. 29. Kevin got the scar between his eyes by falling thru this as a child.
  16. 30. Neighborhood where Kevin grew up.
  17. 32. Kevin's birth month and date.
  18. 33. This John Wayne western, directed by John Ford, is a favorite of Kevin's. In it, a Civil War veteran tries to rescue his niece from an Indian tribe.
  19. 34. Kevin is over ____ feet tall.
  20. 36. Kevin's brother.
  21. 38. Kevin’s favorite cartoon.