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KiDS Crossword

  1. 3. Replacement to SAPscript forms, used for mass printing in SAP systems.
  2. 5. Change the superclass’s method in sub class
  3. 7. Method of a class that can be used independently of a class instance
  4. 11. Function Module that displays a watch to represent the percentage progress
  5. 16. SAP tool which enables the design and execution of business processes within SAP application systems to support user collaboration work
  6. 18. Transaction that shows all SAP provided user-exits
  7. 20. Type of class based on existing database tables
  1. 1. Counts the number of cells that are not empty in a range
  2. 2. Technique to read in all fields of a database into an internal table at once
  3. 4. Produces a resulting set containing all data records, regardless of whether a matching record exists
  4. 6. Used to coordinate implementation activities with other groups and gain endorsements
  5. 8. The scientific study of equipment design, as in office furniture or transportation seating, for the purpose of improving efficiency, comfort, or safety
  6. 9. SAP's implementation of in-memory database technology
  7. 10. For user service requests needing research, system/data changes, or approval to work
  8. 12. EMIT's current safety theme
  9. 13. Independent structures that allow you to enhance the class-specific public points of contact by implementing them in classes
  10. 14. Acts that could have become an incident
  11. 15. Most popular way to look for the value in excel
  12. 17. Allows for joint processing of multiple screen fields
  13. 19. A scheduled activity to observe how a task is performed compared to written safe standards or practices