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Knowledge and CUrriculum:Crossword Puzzle-1

  1. 5. Educational concepts of Paulo Freire that promotes critical thinking by learners to find solutions for problems faced by the society
  2. 8. concepts, theories and principles that can be proven by using scientific analysing or logical conclusions
  3. 9. Modifying one's own culture by adding cultural elements of other cultural groups
  4. 10. Knowledge that one acquires from his own actual life experiences
  5. 11. The Knowledge that one gains from his own surroundings by observing and experiencing without searching in secondary sources
  1. 1. Deep and expanded idea on people, concepts, places, events, theories etc
  2. 2. concepts, theories and principles that are spread among people, which may not be proven by scientific analysing or logical conclusions
  3. 3. gap between material and non-material culture i.e. inability to utilize the facilities offered by modern inventions because of lack of change in attitude and beliefs of cultural groups
  4. 4. the state of learners in which they are forced to keep silence without getting opportunity to express their own views inside the classroom
  5. 6. the school of philosophy that promotes project method
  6. 7. A type of curriculum which is intended to cultivate values or to impose the ideologies of rulers indirectly i.e. without including direct advises or lectures, but by including stories which tells about values or biased history which glorifies the rulers