1. 3. they make a song with nct named zooxsavege
  2. 4. the country that made the music kpop
  3. 7. the most famous girl soloist in kpop
  4. 8. he have say the iconic line <feel like cinderella naega piane>
  5. 10. member of the group bts
  6. 12. is the sister of hiening kai and she is of the group kep1er
  1. 1. is the new group of hype entertaiment
  2. 2. the leader of the group straykids
  3. 5. the most ugly gye in the world and he is copying jimin
  4. 6. the leader of the group twice
  5. 9. the golden voice of the group blackpnk
  6. 11. is the oldest member of the group itzy