1. 4. she is considered the leader of blackpink but this not official is known for he rvocals and insane raps in their songs
  2. 5. Known for his sunshine like personalty on camera very strict when it comes to dancing
  3. 6. Idol who is known for his beauty and bass voice in bts
  4. 8. Idol in bts is known for his beauty and his dad jokes
  5. 9. Leader of the biggest boy band in the world
  6. 11. is considered the pretties kpop idol and has insane vocals
  7. 12. Biggest kpop girl group
  8. 14. known for their very chaotic personalty and very special music
  9. 17. one of the fastest rappers in kpop and part of bts
  10. 19. Who is very social and the leader of stray kids
  11. 20. Idol who is the part of the dance line of bts
  1. 1. known for his visuals and vocals,dancing, and rapping in stray kids
  2. 2. Known for his dancing and vocal seams to be very cold but is a sweet heart in stray kids
  3. 3. had 3 solos is insanely good at her vocals and is a dancer
  4. 7. is a all rounder in stray kids and many people consider him the all rounder of kpop
  5. 8. Known as the golden makane
  6. 10. is the most followed koren perosn on instagram
  7. 12. biggest boy band in the world
  8. 13. known for his very aggressive rap in stray kids
  9. 15. part of the vocal in stry kids known as " baby bread"
  10. 16. "seungmin in the building"
  11. 18. deeps voice in kpop