1. 6. I’m known for my bunny teeth
  2. 7. I’m the producer of my group and people want to steal my laptop
  3. 8. We are often accused of being furries
  4. 10. bambi boy, known for his vocals and being the oldest member in his group
  5. 12. I was in a very famous couple and now have a new boyfriend
  6. 14. I don’t know how to eat strawberries or pizza like a normal person
  7. 15. I got popular for my big smile, vocals, and for talking like an old man
  8. 16. I was in a 6 member girl group and am now part of a female trio
  1. 1. I’m a mess mess mess and had an iconic 2023 MAMA performance
  2. 2. The debut title track of a girl group with a famous sibiling
  3. 3. Oh my gosh, don’t you know I’m a ___
  4. 4. I am one of the only foreign idols to place first on a survival show
  5. 5. Dive-euuuuu
  6. 9. Our first release after losing a member, it became an instant hit that has been covered by many groups
  7. 11. You can call me mother (First and last name)
  8. 13. I am the love of Josselin’s life