kpop crossword!!

  1. 3. the reality show girl group fromis_9 formed from
  2. 4. the maknae (youngest) of boy group BTS
  3. 6. soloist that was in IZ*ONE and sister of girl group ITZY's Chaeryeong
  4. 8. the names of the australian members in boy group Stray Kids (in age order)
  5. 12. YG entertainment sub-company that soloist Somi is under
  6. 15. the main actor member of boy group ASTRO
  7. 16. the boy group formed from boys planet
  8. 18. the amount of members boy group SEVENTEEN has
  9. 19. member of girl group Red Velvet that was added after their debut
  10. 20. the maknae (youngest) of boy group SHINee and the best dancer in k-pop
  1. 1. member of boy group PENTAGON that joined boys planet, but did not debut in final lineup
  2. 2. younger brother group of boy group BTS
  3. 5. the chinese member of girl group (G)I-DLE
  4. 7. the song that gave PSY global recognition
  5. 9. member of girl group Kep1er that got first place in girls planet 999
  6. 10. the leader of girl group TWICE
  7. 11. the title of girl group ITZY's latest title track (as of august 2023)
  8. 13. ex-member of boy group iKON
  9. 14. the company girl group NewJeans is under
  10. 17. the name of the largest boy group