kpop trivia

  1. 2. victon’s fandom name and elris was renamed to this
  2. 3. Suhye from Limelight has ____ from Rolling Quartz as her singing teacher
  3. 8. which female idol insured her legs for 500 million won? (birth name)
  4. 9. this member of f(x) is chinese
  5. 10. this group’s genre is characterized as art pop
  6. 12. what does clc stand for?
  7. 15. this group is described as the nations girl group
  8. 17. first group to release a full english song
  9. 20. which of these snsd members has NOT had a prominent solo music career? hyoyeon, taeyeon, tiffany, sooyoung
  10. 21. the name of dreamcatcher’s previous form
  11. 22. how many times did rain fail his jyp audition? (number written out)
  12. 23. Which post-Produce 101 Season 1 group remains active without any member departures?
  13. 24. the first kpop group to have a lightstick
  1. 1. who was cube’s first trainee? (full name)
  2. 4. what is the name of the kpop idol who was in wonder girls and 4minute?
  3. 5. the last blackpink member to get a solo
  4. 6. which kpop song has the lyrics “girls’ generation make you feel the heat?”
  5. 7. every member of seventeen has this position
  6. 11. which of these groups never had more than 11 members? the boyz, wjsn, seventeen, nct 127
  7. 13. how many members are currently in nct? (number written out)
  8. 14. how many members of seventeen use a stage name?
  9. 16. which of these groups has not had two universal music releases? astro, the boyz, monsta x, cravity
  10. 18. this group was the first to have a universe music release
  11. 19. which dreamcatcher members’ solo is completely in english?