Kyle’s Crossword

  1. 1. How many championships do the Los Angeles Lakers hold
  2. 4. How many Super Bowls has the Kansas City Chiefs won
  3. 5. Which nba team has the most amount of wins in a single season?
  4. 7. Who is the heaviest player to play in the NFL in 2021
  5. 12. Jay Cutler is QB on which NFL team?
  6. 13. team with the most Super Bowl appearances
  7. 14. which nats mlb pitcher threw two no-hitters in 2015
  8. 15. Which nba player has the second-highest total scored points in a single game
  9. 16. longest-running quarterback for the Green Bay Packers
  10. 20. shaq has what level of educational degree
  1. 2. True or false, the Dayton Triangles was once an NFL team.
  2. 3. highest-paid player in the NFL as of 2022
  3. 6. what team does lebron play for
  4. 8. Who was the first unanimous NBA Most Valuable Player
  5. 9. How many NBA teams are there
  6. 10. Which team made their first Super Bowl appearance ever in 2004
  7. 11. Who was the tallest player in NBA history
  8. 17. Which wide receiver is the highest scoring in NFL history
  9. 18. Which NBA player has had the longest career in the NBA
  10. 19. current owner of the celtics