Labratory Equipment

  1. 3. What shallow, flatbottomed dish is used to evaporate liquids and leave behind solids in chemistry experiments?
  2. 6. What device measures electric current or amperage in electrical circuits?
  3. 8. What apparatus provides controlled temperature and humidity conditions for growing cultures of microorganisms or cells in biology?
  4. 10. What device measures force or weight by the extension or compression of a spring?
  5. 11. What instrument is used to slice thin sections of biological tissues for microscopic examination?
  6. 12. What simple machine consists of a flat surface tilted at an angle, often used for studying forces and motion?
  7. 15. What small, flat piece of glass or plastic is used to hold biological specimens for microscopic examination?
  8. 16. What vertical tube with a stopcock at the bottom is used to measure and dispense precise volumes of liquids in a chemistry lab?
  9. 20. What narrow, cylindrical tube with a rounded bottom is used for holding small quantities of substances, mixing, and heating in chemistry experiments?
  10. 23. What instrument measures temperature, often using the expansion of a liquid or gas in a tube?
  11. 24. What piece of equipment is used to provide a controlled flame for heating substances in a chemistry lab?
  12. 26. What measuring tool is used to measure distances or diameters with precision in physics experiments?
  13. 27. What electronic instrument is used to visualize and analyze electrical signals over time in physics experiments?
  14. 29. What flat, shallow dish with a cover is used for culturing microorganisms and growing biological samples?
  15. 32. What airtight container with a drying agent is used to store substances in a dry environment or protect sensitive samples from moisture in a chemistry lab?
  16. 33. What instrument measures atmospheric pressure and is often used in meteorological experiments?
  1. 1. What set of tools is used for dissecting and studying the anatomy of organisms in biology experiments?
  2. 2. What instrument is used to magnify and view tiny structures and specimens in biology?
  3. 4. What device is used to measure the properties of light, such as its spectrum and intensity?
  4. 5. What instrument measures electric potential difference or voltage in electrical circuits?
  5. 7. What coneshaped tool is used for pouring liquids or powders into containers with narrow openings in a chemistry lab?
  6. 9. What equipment is used to measure mass accurately in physics experiments?
  7. 13. What cylindrical container with volume markings is used to measure the volume of liquids precisely in a chemistry lab?
  8. 14. What device is used to transfer precise volumes of liquids from one container to another in chemistry experiments?
  9. 17. What device is used for sterilizing laboratory equipment, including biological samples and media?
  10. 18. What simple measuring tool is used to measure lengths or dimensions in physics experiments?
  11. 19. What device is used to transfer precise volumes of liquids, including biological solutions?
  12. 21. What conical flask with a narrow neck is commonly used for mixing, heating, and storing liquids in a chemistry lab?
  13. 22. What cylindrical container with a flat bottom and a lip is commonly used for holding and pouring liquids in chemistry experiments?
  14. 25. What machine is used to separate substances based on density, such as separating blood components?
  15. 28. What long, thin rod made of glass or plastic is used to stir solutions and mix substances in chemistry experiments?
  16. 30. What storage rack holds multiple petri dishes and allows for easy organization in a biology lab?
  17. 31. What small, heatresistant container with a lid is used to heat substances to high temperatures in a chemistry lab?