1. 3. Something that belongs to or represents a whole country.
  2. 4. A drawing that shows the shape and features of a country or area.
  3. 6. Customs and beliefs that have been passed down through generations.
  4. 9. A colorful symbol that represents a country.
  5. 10. The practice of farming and growing crops for food and resources.
  6. 13. The way people communicate using words and sounds.
  7. 14. A special song that represents a country and is sung with pride.
  8. 15. The traditions, customs, and history of a country or community.
  1. 1. A large area filled with many trees and plants.
  2. 2. A famous or important place that people visit or recognize.
  3. 4. Very tall and high land areas with steep sides and rocky peaks.
  4. 5. The animals and plants that live in nature, outside of cities.
  5. 7. A small community of houses in the countryside.
  6. 8. The most important city where the government is located.
  7. 11. Large bodies of flowing water that run through the land.
  8. 12. A place where people grow crops and raise animals for food.