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Language terms

  1. 5. Very old-fashioned or no longer used.
  2. 7. Able to speak two languages very well.
  3. 8. Able to speak or write a language very well. A ____ speaker.
  4. 10. Relating to language or linguistics.
  5. 11. If two words or lines of poetry rhyme, they end with the same sound.
  6. 13. The way in which your voice goes up and down when speaking.
  7. 15. A word with only one syllable, for example ‘no’.
  8. 16. To invent a new word or phrase that many people start to use.
  9. 17. A vowel sound made by pronouncing two vowels quickly one after the other.
  10. 18. Fluent expression in speech or writing, or the ability to express yourself fluently.
  1. 1. ---- language is typical of the way people usually talk and write
  2. 2. Someone who learned a particular language as their first language when they were a baby. A ____ speaker.
  3. 3. A form of a language that is spoken in one part of a country.
  4. 4. in a way that involves euphemism.
  5. 6. A way of speaking or writing that is formal or informal.
  6. 9. Relating to the sounds of human speech.
  7. 12. Not polite.
  8. 14. Very informal language that uses new or rude words instead of the usual words for something.