League T&L Turkey Day Puzzle

  1. 2. Only other NFL team to win a Thanksgiving Game and Super Bowl in the same season
  2. 4. has nothing better to do at his job but write these reviews!
  3. 6. NFL team has won on T-Day and Won the Super bowl in the same season THREE TIMES
  4. 8. Early 2022 NFL Thanksgiving Game
  5. 9. In 1951, The most combined points ever scored in an NFL Thanksgiving Day game.
  6. 11. Has led the T&L West all season- headed for a 2022 playoff position...
  7. 12. Beginner's Luck, and a great Asst Coach, have this new League T&L team making noise in 2022
  8. 14. Late 2022 NFL Thanksgiving Game
  9. 16. Lost the Battle for the 2023 Top Draft Choice by winning in week 10
  10. 19. Better Red than Dead- fighting hard for a post-season berth
  11. 20. Twenty-twenty-one League T&L Champ
  12. 21. First televised NFL T-Day game in 1953 was on the ______
  13. 22. NFL Team with most Thanksgiving Day losses
  14. 23. Becoming a new dad has this League T&L team's owner on a Rocky Mountain High, but not looking too good for the 2022 playoffs!
  15. 24. This T&L team has gotten all of the pieces back (Dak, CMC) in time to make a push for the Playoffs!
  1. 1. Only League T&L team with a "perfect" season thus far...
  2. 3. Only current NFL teams to play on Thanksgiving and not have at least one win.
  3. 5. Both QBs to throw 6 tds in an NFL T-Day Game
  4. 7. Only NFL team that's never played on Thanksgiving Day.
  5. 10. Still angry that he didn't win it all last season in League T&L - he went into the 2021 playoffs with The League's best record.
  6. 13. Mid Day 2022 NFL Thanksgiving Game
  7. 15. Since high school, regardless of the League, this team has pissed Angel Off!
  8. 17. Outranking the Kern'l by Name and in the T&L East division standings all season- at least until week 10!
  9. 18. NFL Team with the most Thanksgiving Day Wins