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Lest We Forget

  1. 4. Home to the victims of the genocide committed by Ottoman Empire (and denied by its successor, Turkey)
  2. 5. Home to a man-made famine carried out under Stalin that killed between 7 - 10 million people
  3. 6. Land down under that witnessed a genocide of its Aboriginal peoples
  4. 8. Group from Northern Iraq and Syria who is currently suffering a genocide by ISIL or ISIS
  5. 9. Home of the genocide committed by the majority of Hutus against the minority Tutsi population
  1. 1. Perhaps the most infamous genocide which included the systematic mass murder of 6,000,000 Jews
  2. 2. Country whose government targeted and massacred its Mayan civilians
  3. 3. Home to the Southeast Asian genocide in which no one was immune from being branded an enemy of the state
  4. 6. The indigenous peoples of these continents suffered genocide after colonisation by Europeans
  5. 7. Group currently suffering ethnic cleansing in Myanmar