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Lockdown Cryptic Crossword

  1. 5. Gate and shed holding head of Axe for key location
  2. 8. Liam initially has most of butter, equal in value for office
  3. 10. Early Notification finishes for protective measure
  4. 11. Bad blue go randomly to contain samples
  5. 14. Query morning with head of Sales finding the last ones to join
  6. 17. german leach upset historic asbestos owner
  7. 18. Sing well and request payment
  8. 20. Steers horse to sports lesson, missing start of the action. Dutyholders should do this every year.
  9. 21. Half of aussie rockband gives praise to a
  10. 22. All Consultant Managers initially have our surveyors looking for these
  11. 24. United Kingdom with heads of America and Switzerland form important body
  12. 26. Head of Large snakes helps surveyor reach new heights
  13. 28. Office holds vital organs next to Emergency Room
  14. 30. Allow Clean Hands initially values office
  15. 33. Secure boat backwards in a property
  16. 35. name tv line Ron, confused? it's all part of the business
  17. 36. Survey type: Show illuminated charged particle
  18. 37. Tool hidden in thatch I sell
  19. 38. Falling behind to cover pipework
  20. 39. Tag back burner for office
  21. 41. Victoria in youth lodging initially shows a type of tile
  22. 43. Combine Thorium, Erbium, half portion of Magnesium and Aluminium to create insulation
  23. 46. Part of our business muddles rain in me
  24. 48. Peppa's not young in this office
  25. 49. Head of Fine Upstanding Locals mix with rough to stay at home
  26. 51. Limit Trick internet bully, you give chase in game of tag - try not to exceed it
  27. 52. Tolkein creature behind some of graveyard, hard material
  28. 53. Parasitic insects in all directions except west, grants permission to remove high risk asbestos
  29. 54. gain insult confused type of board
  30. 56. Cost hidden in feed
  31. 60. Decorate me with tops of Northern Trees for survey
  32. 62. Carla I believe is hiding high risk material
  33. 63. small remit helps identify fibres
  34. 66. Kier's party without you standing next to a conservative? Analysis here
  35. 70. Bite end off you and men, it's sticky on the floor
  36. 72. Man with net game randomly produces a survey
  37. 73. Written words with you and communist covering a bobbly material
  1. 1. First of entrants tops you not on time, seal asbestos
  2. 2. Hiding in Cypris knowing identifiable hazard
  3. 3. Initially awake sore in Milton Keynes, required when sampling
  4. 4. Heads of department concerning umbrellas will keep you clean on site
  5. 6. Texas' Best Osprey hiding carcinogen
  6. 7. Polly ro restart believing asbestos content without sampling
  7. 9. Doc with IV randomly causes pandemic
  8. 12. Know Scotland's famous monster, use it to to stay safe
  9. 13. Confuse Destiny, tells you if it's cement or board
  10. 14. Randomly atomise brown fibre
  11. 15. Regarding where ships sail from, they tell you what you need to know
  12. 16. Internal war with South for part of our business
  13. 19. Confused cult sing on for part of business
  14. 20. Regarding University first year? You'll need to tell me again
  15. 23. Jumbled line found in type of scan, we work for them
  16. 25. Hair cut and bolt to enclosure entrance
  17. 27. Queen upset over tainted Edward intially, a cost for doing business
  18. 28. Racoon amusingly hides virus
  19. 29. Preparing yourself for the big event, undertaken in a classroom
  20. 31. Divide and hide face protection
  21. 32. Strange, I'd circle too for blue asbestos
  22. 34. Most of Company has amused nice Al for legislative agreement
  23. 39. Glow contains mixed gas for office
  24. 40. Send a card if feelings hide an office
  25. 42. Where we work Lucy loses tail and gains charged atom
  26. 44. Office is a watertight body
  27. 45. Cut end off rose, give to Personal Assistant for Charitable Organisation
  28. 47. Give time to office support
  29. 50. She randomly enforces rules on site
  30. 55. Truth Speak it to power, it's our conference after all
  31. 57. Undergraduate paperwork is always the same
  32. 58. Not with former partner, start of generation software
  33. 59. planned review check
  34. 61. Compact Disc Music initially needed on construction projects
  35. 64. Arrange style choir before its banned in 1999
  36. 65. Anyone in a stom Al, you can access it online
  37. 67. Asbestos conceals form required for removal
  38. 68. Receive around question in pipe joints
  39. 69. Mist on half of weed gives type of hazardous coating
  40. 71. Starting Players Physical Education protects key workers