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London Fun

  1. 2. How many siblings does Ron have?
  2. 3. Which number house is the Order of the Phoenix located at on Grimmauld Place?
  3. 4. What type of animal was Scabbers, a pet that belonged to Ron, and was the animagus of Peter Pettigrew?
  4. 6. The school that Harry, Ron and Hermione attend.
  5. 8. Mode of transport we are using to travel to the Big Smoke
  6. 9. How many stars does our hotel have?
  7. 12. Which animal is Ron terrified of?
  8. 14. Which house is Malfoy in?
  9. 15. Who is the best girlfriend ever, other than Carla Cooke?
  10. 17. The object the first years are practicing on whilst learning the spell "Wingardium Leviosa"
  11. 18. The house colours of Gryffindor (3, 3, 4).
  12. 19. Malfoy calls Hermione “a filthy little m___”.
  13. 20. The famous London station that a famous little bear (who loves marmalade) is named after?
  14. 25. The building the Sky Garden is located on (6, 6).
  15. 26. The gay area of London, that is the home of G-A-Y?
  16. 27. Which street in London does the Prime Minister live in (7, 6)?
  17. 30. You often have two performance of a theatre production a day. An evening performance and a ____ performance, which is heard earlier in the day.
  18. 31. What does Harry give to Dobby to free him from his master?
  1. 1. Harry and Ron travel to Hogwarts in a flying ___ in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
  2. 2. The cathedral we are staying next to (2, 5).
  3. 3. The river that runs through London.
  4. 5. Who is Sirius Black to Harry?
  5. 7. The bridge with the glass floor we are visiting.
  6. 10. Harry’s scar is in the shape of this.
  7. 11. You know who?
  8. 13. Clio's favourite character who tragically dies in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
  9. 15. Which drink will we be drinking in the Sky Garden?
  10. 16. Where we are seeing the epic Harry Potter performance (5, 6, 4).
  11. 17. The name of Hagrid's three headed dog.
  12. 21. The palace the Queen lives in.
  13. 22. What did Professor Remus Lupin give Harry after being attacked by the Dementors on the Hogwarts Express?
  14. 23. What’s the name of Harry’s mum?
  15. 24. The orchestra will be playing the Harry Potter ____.
  16. 28. Who does Carla want to have tea with in London?
  17. 29. What colour is Crookshanks (Hermione’s cat)?
  18. 32. What is Professor McGonagall’s animagus?