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  1. 2. a woman who is getting married
  2. 5. a woman who is only interested in a man’s money
  3. 8. a romantic relationship that is short-term
  4. 9. a person who tries to arrange marriages for others
  5. 10. a social engagement between two people who do not know each other
  6. 11. a formalised dating process which allows people to meet a number of new people in a short time
  7. 13. holiday that a couple take right after they get married
  1. 1. a rich man’s wife who is very young and beautiful
  2. 2. a young man who has a much older girlfriend
  3. 3. a decree that ends a marriage
  4. 4. a woman who comes from another country to marry a man that she has never met but with whom she has corresponded
  5. 6. a man who is getting married
  6. 7. a celebration where two people are getting married
  7. 12. an older woman who dates much younger men