1. 1. what you get for someone you know on a special occasion
  2. 4. the main love colour
  3. 5. what you eat in a restaurant with someone or people
  4. 7. you go with a person of you're choice to whatever place ye choose
  5. 8. what you give a girl on a special occasion
  6. 9. when you haven't seen someone in the past while
  7. 10. what you have after a meal sometimes anyways
  8. 11. when something is good or entertaining and you express your self good
  9. 13. when you first have motion with someone on the lips
  10. 14. a new part of your family
  1. 1. what should come with a present
  2. 2. people who run around the house screaming
  3. 3. when you deeply love someone, you do this
  4. 5. someone who means a lot too you
  5. 6. what you give to someone on a special day
  6. 8. people you love
  7. 12. what you give someone you love