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  1. 2. The name of our first concert we went to see
  2. 4. The most beautiful woman in your eyes
  3. 7. The name of the park where we first said I Love You
  4. 9. A gorgeous man in Melanie's eyes
  5. 10. What you joked you had and would wear to the WEM pool (I thought you were serious)
  6. 13. The day we met and fireworks went off
  7. 14. What I chocked on when you swung me into your arms for the first time
  8. 16. The tv show that gave us a second chance
  9. 17. The name of the hotel where magic was created
  10. 18. The first compliment you gave me
  11. 19. The brand of my hoodie you stole to wear at dennys because you were cold
  12. 20. The parking lot location of where we watched our first sunset together in the back of the van
  1. 1. The location of our first kiss
  2. 3. The location where I had my first whole beer with you ever and finished it
  3. 4. The location of where you had asked me to be exclusive
  4. 5. I've added what into your life (think clothes)
  5. 6. The title of the first movie we saw together
  6. 8. The month we came into each others lives
  7. 11. In the box I made for you I saw have blank, hope and patience, I also used this for a toast
  8. 12. How I signed/ended the very first card I gave to you
  9. 15. The first gift you gave me