1. 3. A British general who died at gueenston?(History)
  2. 6. Who did most of the fighting at Beaver Dams? (history)
  3. 9. How many people in the loxley family including the dog? (fiction)
  4. 10. who came to Laura's house when Ellen and Eliza were there? (fiction)
  5. 12. who did laura run into on the way to fitzGibbon? (history)
  6. 13. who was Georges friend who died? (Fiction)
  7. 14. who walked 30km to worn fitzGibbon? (history)
  1. 1. What is the special unit that Pierre joined?(history)
  2. 2. who when to war to fight with his dad? (fiction)
  3. 3. what was another name for the green tigers?(history)
  4. 4. Who ordered the retreat of the British forces?(history)
  5. 5. A battle the americans lost badly - two words (History)
  6. 7. tone When George arrives at the camp with Firebrand, why do all of the little children laugh at him?
  7. 8. who hid when the Americans came to lauras house? (fiction)
  8. 11. A boy that ran away to fight. (Fiction)