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LVCD Nature Codes

  1. 1. The snowmobile is doing what
  2. 2. My dad is having trouble breathing
  3. 4. What does the citizen need
  4. 6. I have been outside too long and think I have frostbite
  5. 7. A transformer blew at my neighbors house
  6. 8. There is a male walking down the street in the cold, he looks upset, can you make sure he is OK
  7. 11. Can I have the LAWNET number, please
  8. 14. Central, this is 4786, a train derailed in front of me, I am at Highlander Way and like, LCAC
  9. 16. The person wanted me to go get a Money Dot card from Kroger
  10. 18. I smell a weird odor outside
  11. 19. I think my neighbor parked in a handicapped spot, but he can walk fine, why should he get to park there
  12. 24. Behavior problems
  13. 27. Shards are falling from the sky, the glow looks cool though
  14. 28. Co inhalation
  15. 31. Assist South Lyon PD
  16. 33. Shots fired
  17. 34. I am stuck in the only elevator in the County
  18. 36. What is suspicious about the situation
  19. 37. My 1 year old son is choking - I think
  20. 38. I think my neighbor is having a party down the street
  21. 42. I gave my son my car to borrow and he did not bring it back this morning
  22. 43. I was just stabbed with a pen, scissors, and a mail opener
  23. 44. I think an airplane just crashed
  24. 48. Vehicle that drives on all-terrain
  25. 50. My house alarm is going off
  26. 52. I see smoke in the distance outside
  27. 53. Callback and leave a message, might start with 911...
  28. 55. Citizen needs to add info to existing report
  29. 57. My stomach hurts
  30. 60. I found a child in the roadway, naked
  31. 62. A black charger hit my car and took off - it could not parallel park
  32. 64. The field is on fire
  33. 65. I hurt my eye putting my contacts in
  34. 67. Someone stole my wallet from my desk
  35. 69. Can you have the guys in the shiny bright yellow hazmat suits respond
  36. 71. I hit another vehicle and hit my arm on the arm rest, I do not want EMS to respond
  37. 72. My mothers face is drooping
  38. 73. I lost my phone somewhere at the Mill Pond Imagination Station
  39. 75. I think my car was stolen
  40. 77. Someone grabbed me and stuffed me in the trunk of a car, I think we are moving now
  41. 79. I drove of the road on accident, I have no damage and I am not injured
  42. 81. There is what looks like a person down on the side of the road as I was driving by
  43. 83. I was bit by a dog
  44. 86. I saw a vehicle on fire at the rest area
  45. 88. My store was just robbed at gunpoint
  46. 89. I want these people off my property, they do not belong
  47. 91. I cut my leg on barbed wire
  48. 92. This person seems quite odd walking around the neighborhood like this
  49. 95. My chest is tight
  50. 98. I just saw my husband get hit with what looked like lightning
  51. 99. It has been left on my property for 3 months
  52. 101. My female friends sugar is low
  53. 106. I was punched
  54. 108. I think I am about to have my baby, should I name him, or her, after you
  55. 109. I have a migraine
  56. 110. I think I see someone across the lake under the water
  57. 111. Can you help me change the batteries in my smoke detector young man
  58. 113. My employee took $1 each day for the last 6 years
  59. 114. I spilled some gas at the pump
  60. 115. I caught my shirt on fire from a candle, the fire is out, but I think I burnt my hand
  1. 1. I think my house is on fire
  2. 3. This is Kohls, we have an adult male in custody
  3. 5. This dude has a warrant I think - he lives by me
  4. 6. My internal defibrillator thingy-ma-bob is going off
  5. 9. Can you send an officer to jimmy my door open, I locked my keys in my car on accident - for the fifth time
  6. 10. Caller v. neighbors pick up
  7. 12. I think my ex-boyfriend is stalking me
  8. 13. My neighbor took a jack hammer to my back patio last night, I just noticed it
  9. 15. My neighbor threatened to beat me up
  10. 16. 6 people in front of the bar are fighting
  11. 17. I do not think it was detonated
  12. 20. There are these people selling magazines in my neighborhood
  13. 21. I think I saw a vehicle in the ditch on the side of the road
  14. 22. Is the vehicle blocking or slowing the flow of traffic
  15. 23. This customer is upset about his happy meal order
  16. 25. I think the house just exploded next to me, maybe it is a drug house, I am just guessing though
  17. 26. Audible alarm from the work site across the street
  18. 29. My son is missing
  19. 30. I think I hit a gas line when I was digging for my new swimming pool and hot tube
  20. 32. Do not bathe or shower
  21. 35. My smoke alarm is going off
  22. 37. My roofer is refusing to complete the job until I pay him the other half of what I owe
  23. 39. My father is not being taken care of correctly
  24. 40. I rolled down the ski hill and hit a pole
  25. 41. Caller v. neighbors sedan, she hit her head
  26. 44. Check the area for what
  27. 45. My hand is stuck in the fryer
  28. 46. It is vicious
  29. 47. I did not touch anything and my TV is missing
  30. 49. The train at Thai Summit is on fire
  31. 51. I think my sons school has an active shooter, I just got a text from him
  32. 54. "They are going to kill someone"
  33. 56. Citizen reporting officers needs helps
  34. 58. Station 5, Dexter would like station coverage for an hour or so
  35. 59. Can you rescue me from the pretend sky scrapper in LIVCO
  36. 61. Someone left garbage on the side of the road
  37. 63. The male at the park took his pants off and is running around saying "I love being free!"
  38. 66. The person at pump #6 did not pay
  39. 68. I just hooked a vehicle for non-payment
  40. 70. I think the trench the construction crew were using just caved in
  41. 72. Caller is in danger
  42. 74. My son has a needle in his arm, he is aware and talking to me
  43. 76. Hood up, flashers on
  44. 78. I think I was stung by a bee
  45. 80. I think I hit a rock with my boat
  46. 82. Help, I have fallen and I can't get up
  47. 84. I hurt my back
  48. 85. My car is sinking, what do I do
  49. 87. I think my son is not breathing, what do I do
  50. 90. The same for this vehicle
  51. 92. I feel like I am becoming suicidal, I want to hurt myself
  52. 93. I do not feel good today
  53. 94. I think the male walking down the street is holding a gun
  54. 96. I think I had a seizure
  55. 97. Hunting on state land
  56. 100. My boat is on fire
  57. 102. Where was the dog found
  58. 103. I have the MC number
  59. 104. My neighbor’s stereo is too loud
  60. 105. The male at the light is breathing, but he is slumped over the wheel, he looks asleep
  61. 107. My husband hit me
  62. 112. There are 4 juveniles on top of Highlander Way Middle School