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Manatee Village Blacksmith Crossword Puzzle

  1. 2. a mixture of metal and at least one other element
  2. 6. a blacksmith who works with horses
  3. 8. a metal block with holes in it used to shape iron bars
  4. 10. another word for scissors
  5. 11. a soft metal used by whitesmiths
  6. 13. items used in every day life
  7. 15. soft and easy to shape without breaking or cracking
  1. 1. tools with long handles used to reach into the fire and grab hot metal
  2. 2. the best or perfect
  3. 3. the furnace or oven a blacksmith uses
  4. 4. a metal worker who shapes iron or steel
  5. 5. an alloy of tin and copper that redsmiths use
  6. 7. a large block of metal with a flat top used for hammering hot metal
  7. 9. a hard black metal
  8. 12. a tool that blows air into a fire
  9. 14. an alloy of iron and carbon