Manatee Village - Buildings and History

  1. 3. "old _______ head" is the name of the 1913 Steam engine at Manatee Village along Manatee Avenue.
  2. 5. a building used to preserve and cure meat.
  3. 7. name of family that lived in the 1912 Settler's House.
  4. 9. number of rooms in the Schoolhouse.
  5. 10. "________ in Manatee" is the name of one of the current exhibits centered on faith and belief systems.
  6. 13. modern name of town where Manatee Village is located.
  1. 1. a bright red fruit and name of the type of schools when children needed to spend a large amount of time on the family farm.
  2. 2. "Wiggins _______ Store" is the 1903 store at Manatee Village.
  3. 4. building where legal and government matters were settled.
  4. 5. a type of mill used to process this sweet substance.
  5. 6. first name of the owner of the Wiggins General Store.
  6. 8. number of years it took for the 1887 Church to finish being built.
  7. 11. family name of the first settlers of Manatee Village, also a hinged area of a fence with "s".
  8. 12. something that Florida barns, unlike northern ones, did not keep inside.
  9. 13. "1850 Manatee _______ Grounds" is the cemetery where many of Manatee's first settlers are buried.