Manatee Village - Food & More

  1. 7. type of meat from pig, chops, bacon.
  2. 8. a type of saltwater bivalve eaten by settlers and people today, farmed for food or pearls.
  3. 10. lacto-fermented cucumber.
  4. 11. quick bread containing cornmeal.
  5. 12. can be chewed, smoked, and was once used for wounds, contains nicotine.
  6. 16. type of pie with milk, limes, and eggs, first formal mention of this pie was by William Curry in Key West.
  7. 18. a fish, sea bass family, mild flavor.
  8. 19. used for its oil, eaten boiled or raw, many people are allergic.
  9. 20. these are type of legume, kidney shaped.
  1. 1. a plant that yields a sweet substance and used to sweeten baked goods and more.
  2. 2. from cows, rich in fat and protein
  3. 3. this vegetable was favored for its high yield, bulk, and less likely to spoil, eaten baked or today as a side dish in fast food.
  4. 4. made by bees and other insects from nectar.
  5. 5. large marine crustacean with pincher and crusher claws.
  6. 6. crustacean that moves sideways.
  7. 9. a red fruit often mistaken for a vegetable, used in many dishes, Harllee family started this farming in our area.
  8. 13. this is a type of tree grown by Mrs. Atzeroth and sold as a liquid at places today like Starbucks.
  9. 14. these are laid by chickens.
  10. 15. type of meat from cattle
  11. 17. dairy product made from cream.