Manatee Village - Historic Bradenton

  1. 1. "Manatee _______ Historical Park" is an open-air museum in Bradenton with buildings from our county's founding period.
  2. 4. DeSoto National Memorial Park is named after him, first name of De Soto.
  3. 5. surname of the five brothers who owned/operated the circus called “The Greatest Show on Earth", art museum in Sarasota.
  4. 6. house used as a courthouse and rooming house, destroyed for parking leaving only the 1925 Peninsular Telephone Building in the area, sometimes called the "Palmer-____ House", Also first name of an American cartoonist (1880–1935) with surname Williams.
  5. 8. name of the plantation and mansion in Ellenton, Judah P. Benjamin took refuge here in May 1865, "______ Plantation Historic State Park".
  6. 10. "__________ Records Library" is the name of the Bradenton Carnegie library, relates to history/historic.
  7. 12. name of our county and the river.
  8. 14. name of town and historical park where there is a military museum and 1912 Carnegie Library, near Manatee County Agricultural Museum.
  9. 15. castle in Bradenton, owned by Dr. Joseph Addison ______.
  1. 2. "Manatee County ____________ Museum" is where the original firehouse/jail for Palmetto is located, refers to the practice of farming and raising animals.
  2. 3. The "_______ Estate" in Sarasota, named after the inventor and owner Powel _______ Jr.
  3. 7. surname of a leading philanthropist of Manatee Village, "______ Museum of Science & History" and name of an animal shelter in Bradenton.
  4. 9. original spelling of our town before "Bradenton" and "Bradentown".
  5. 11. barn in Palmetto, man named Peter began tomato farming in our area with this last name.
  6. 13. William Shaw's _____ House, located at DeSoto National Memorial Park, also type of cat with striped fur.