Martina Saint Crossword!

  1. 2. Saint Kateri is the first Native American_________ to be declared a saint.
  2. 4. Saint Gianna went up to to________be with Jesus.
  3. 6. Saint Thérèse of Lisieux loved to follow Jesus _____in ways
  4. 8. Saint Catherine Laboure received the special______ of the Blessed Mother appearing to her.
  1. 1. One day, while Saint Zoe was praying at the tomb of Saint Peter, she was arrested by the ___________men.
  2. 3. Mother Teresa died and went to Heaven to be with_______ just a few years ago.
  3. 5. When Saint Bernedette was a young girl I saw a vision of the________ Mother.
  4. 7. When Saint Jacinta was just a little girl, the Blessed__________ appeared to her.