1. 3. Place Hidden from the world thought to be a 3rd world country when its the most advanced
  2. 7. Character who was taken by aliens when young and grew up in space
  3. 10. Character referred to as rabbit or trash panda
  4. 13. Created to make everyday life easier and was used to help create a powerful being
  5. 14. Villainous Character who tried to wipe out humanity in sokovia
  6. 16. Character who's thought to have died many times but came back
  7. 17. Trickster with powers
  8. 18. Played by an Oceans 8 actress
  9. 22. Character who's Hiding in plain sight revealed at the end who they truly are
  10. 25. Ex-convict who can grow or shrink
  11. 27. Character believed to have been dead with a powerful arm
  12. 28. A character who never misses a shot
  13. 31. Glowing rocks with powers
  14. 32. One of the most feared alien species thats not taken seriously due to its apperance
  15. 33. The youngest avenger
  16. 35. Character who believes Balance is needed and does whatever it takes to do it
  1. 1. Character who loves Vests because of pockets
  2. 2. character who sacrifices herself in endgame
  3. 4. Favorite Daughter Of Thanos
  4. 5. Character who's almost unkillable and learns to link both sides of themself together
  5. 6. Character who's smug demeanor doesn't help them at all
  6. 8. Reoccurring character in X-men and Avengers is speedy
  7. 9. Character brought back to life
  8. 11. Character who believed she was an alien due to her powers and what she was told
  9. 12. Character whose life was changed after injuring his hands in a horrible accident
  10. 15. Character who created earths mightiest heros
  11. 19. Character with a debilitating illness that makes them hurt anyone around them
  12. 20. Character who believed power came from their weapon when it was in them all along
  13. 21. The next Captain america
  14. 23. Name of a villains disguise
  15. 24. was thought to be a myth whose body was forged
  16. 26. Character who can change one thing into another lived for a long time
  17. 29. Character plagued by nightmares of everyone they love dying
  18. 30. Character who's body parts where replaced with robotic parts
  19. 34. Character who's mother helped refugee aliens and who befriended a powerful ally