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Marvel Crossword

  1. 4. Avenger injected with super-soldier serum
  2. 8. Originally a Hydra member, she became an Avenger after realizing Ultron wanted to destroy the world
  3. 13. Has the mind stone embedded into his head
  4. 15. Gets lost in the quantum realm and comes back to help the Avengers defeat Thanos
  5. 16. The new Captain America
  6. 17. Town that Wanda took control of as a way to cope with tremendous grief
  7. 18. Gained powers from the star
  8. 22. Captain America's buddy, also a super-soldier
  9. 23. Saved the world by stopping his crazed dad trying to rescue his wife
  10. 25. Thor's evil brother
  11. 26. Big, strong green man, aka Bruce Banner
  12. 27. A Norse God that uses his hammer, an original Avenger
  13. 28. Daughter of Thanos, but not so much humanlike
  1. 1. Archer who is an original member of the Avengers
  2. 2. A corrupt robot that is almost able to defeat the Avengers
  3. 3. Desired metal that is extracted from Wakanda
  4. 5. Natasha Romanoff's sister
  5. 6. Died saving a child from Ultron's wrath
  6. 7. Billionaire and owner of Stark tower
  7. 9. Wakanda's leading soldier for the Dora
  8. 10. Web-shooting highschooler
  9. 11. Daughter of Thanos, green like the Hulk
  10. 12. Leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy
  11. 14. Trained in the Red Room where she was trained as a brutal assassin, eventually becoming one of the original Avengers
  12. 19. used all 6 infinity stones to wipe out half of the world
  13. 20. has the time stone and is able to control reality itself
  14. 21. King of Wakanda
  15. 24. Leader of SHIELD