Mason & Shane's Fortnite Crossword

  1. 3. During the Zero Crisis Finale mission, what is Jones temporarily transformed into?
  2. 6. In Fortnite Creative, what do plaers create their structures on?
  3. 10. How many default skins are there when you start the game?
  4. 11. What is the name of the tile are in Battle Royale where Fortnite Creative islands can be nominated to appear?
  5. 12. What is the first ever legendary skin called?
  6. 15. Which is the best gun in the game?
  7. 17. What is the rarest skin in the game?
  8. 18. _____ Games is the company that owns Fortnite
  9. 20. Who was the famous music creator who has a skin?
  10. 21. What season did not have a battle pass
  11. 22. Sicko Mode Rapper who performed virtual concerts in Fortnite in 2020
  1. 1. Wood, Stone and which other world material are available to be collected?
  2. 2. What are enemies called in Fortnite: Save the World?
  3. 4. What real time event took place in Season 4?
  4. 5. What is the currency in the game called?
  5. 7. What is the center most area or location on the Fortnite map?
  6. 8. In Battle Royale, what is the first weapon you're given?
  7. 9. The very first Fortnite item to get vaulted.
  8. 13. What rarity is the raptor skin?
  9. 14. What color are Legendary weapons and items marked as?
  10. 16. What destroyed Dusty Depot in season 4?
  11. 19. What happened to the cube at the end of season 5?