Math Vocab Crossword

  1. 5. the amount, level, standard, etc. that is typical of a group of people or things
  2. 7. he counting of numbers backward, for example from ten to zero, before something important happens
  3. 9. a statement that two sets of numbers, letters, or symbols are equal
  4. 10. calculations using numbers
  5. 12. a problem or statement in mathematics or logic that must be solved or proved true or false
  6. 15. a group of letters or numbers that represents a rule in science or mathematics
  7. 16. Patterns and arrangements:arabesque, argyle, arrangement...
  8. 17. a difference in the usual or expected way of doing something
  9. 18. an expression in algebra (=a type of mathematics) that contains two or more terms
  10. 19. a record of the number of things that someone has done, won, or achieved
  1. 1. a statement, especially in mathematics, that can be proved to be true by reasoning
  2. 2. a number or symbol used in a calculation in mathematics
  3. 3. a series of numbers or symbols that you write when you are calculating something
  4. 4. the lack of the ability to do basic mathematics
  5. 6. General words relating to mathematics and geometry
  6. 8. a position that comes after the decimal point in a decimal. 0.0164 has four decimal places
  7. 11. an expression that has two parts connected by the sign + or the sign –, for example 2x + 3y or x – 12
  8. 13. a measure of how likely something is to happen
  9. 14. a simple calculation.
  10. 17. the process of separating people or things into smaller groups or parts