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Math Vocabulary

  1. 2. the most common number in a set of data
  2. 4. a number sentence that has an equal sign
  3. 5. an angle that is exactly 90 degrees
  4. 8. when the top number of a fraction is bigger than the bottom
  5. 9. initials for when you try to find the biggest same number that two numbers can be divided by
  6. 12. metric way to measure long distances
  7. 13. number you multiply by
  8. 16. the tool you use when you are measuring angles
  9. 17. when two lines will never touch
  10. 19. what you find when you multiply length times width
  11. 20. a four sided figure
  12. 22. type of triangle where none of the sides are the same
  13. 23. a quadrilateral with both pairs of opposite sides parallel
  14. 27. when two things are equal
  15. 29. the middle number when you list numbers from greatest to least
  16. 31. when a number is divisible by more than one and itself
  17. 35. type of triangle where two sides are the same
  18. 37. a number sentence that does not have an equal sign
  19. 39. an angle less than 90 degrees
  20. 41. the top number in a fraction
  21. 42. the leftovers in a division problem
  22. 45. a four sided figure with four right angles
  23. 47. a quadrilateral that has exactly one pair of parallel sides
  24. 50. US Customary way to measure how tall you are
  25. 51. how much matter an object has
  26. 52. how much gravity pull an object has on it (here on earth vs. on the moon)
  27. 53. a customary unit of capacity equal to 2 pints
  28. 54. US Customary way to measure long distances
  29. 55. time that has passed
  30. 56. when something has a probability of 1/4 or less
  1. 1. a customary unit of capacity equal to 2 cups
  2. 2. the count by number, or the answer when you multiply
  3. 3. the bottom number in a fraction
  4. 6. US Customary way to measure short objects
  5. 7. a group of things (like a _____ of cookies)
  6. 10. metric way to measure short distances
  7. 11. when something has a probability of 3/4 or greater
  8. 13. a way to score points in basketball (two words, no space)
  9. 14. the biggest data number minus the smallest data number
  10. 15. name for the letter when a letter takes the place of a number in a number sentence
  11. 18. when two lines come together to make a right angle
  12. 21. initials for when you try to find the best number to divide by when simplifying fractions
  13. 24. the graph that shows data over time (two words, no space)
  14. 25. when all sides of the triangle are the same
  15. 26. 16 of these equal one pound
  16. 28. the decimal place value two place values to the right of the decimal
  17. 30. an angle more than 90 degrees
  18. 32. a number sentence that uses greater than or less than
  19. 33. the average found by adding all numbers and dividing by the number of numbers
  20. 34. a special kind of rectangle
  21. 36. same size and same shape
  22. 38. what you find when you add the sides of a figure
  23. 40. the decimal place value one place value to the right of the decimal
  24. 43. a special kind of parallelogram
  25. 44. hard coverings that protect animals that live in the ocean
  26. 46. money given weekly or monthly to children, often in exchange for doing work at home
  27. 48. when a number is only divisible by one and itself
  28. 49. a customary unit of capacity equal to 4 quarts