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  1. 2. the vertical number line is called the what?
  2. 3. mathematical statement that two expressions equal?
  3. 6. figures have exactly the same shape but not necessarily the same size?
  4. 7. the value generated for y is called the what?
  5. 8. points are often named by what?
  6. 13. Value of the variable that makes the equation true?
  7. 19. the value substitued for x is called the what?
  8. 20. points on the coordinate plane are described using what?
  9. 21. the axes divide the coordinate plane into four what?
  10. 23. an equation that is true for all values of the variable?
  11. 24. a rate with a second quantity of 1 unit?
  12. 25. productions a proportion ab = cd are called what?
  13. 26. an equation that states a rule for a relationship among quantities?
  1. 1. coefficient is a number multiplied by a what?
  2. 4. The cordinate plane is formed by the intersection of two perpendicular number lines called the what?
  3. 5. to find the solution?
  4. 9. a ratio of two quantities with different units?
  5. 10. a rate in which the two quantities are equal but use different units?
  6. 11. has no solutions?
  7. 12. the horizontal number line is called the what?
  8. 13. The terms of an expression are the parts to be added or ?
  9. 14. an equation with two or more variables?
  10. 15. a polonomial with 3 terms is?
  11. 16. model uses a scale to represent an object as smaller or larger than the actual object?
  12. 17. when you graph ordered pairs generated by the function? they may create what?
  13. 18. the point of intersection is called what?
  14. 22. distributiveproperty is used in what?
  15. 27. Terms like terms are terms that contain the same what?