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  1. 1. angle an angle that measures greater than 0 degrees and less than 90 degrees
  2. 4. plane a plan that is divided into four regions by a horizontal line
  3. 6. a prism with six square faces
  4. 7. a number or expression that is multiplied by another number or expression to get a product
  5. 8. angles two angles who measures have a sum of 90 degress
  6. 10. a member of the set of whole numbers and their opposites
  7. 11. the sum of the side lengths of a closed plane figure
  8. 12. the number that indicates how many times the base in a power is used as a factor
  9. 13. lines lines in the same plane that do not intersect
  10. 15. interesecting to form 90 degree angles
  11. 17. graph a graph that uses vertical or horizontal bars to display data
  12. 18. the number of nonoverlapping unit squares of a given size that will exactly cover the interior of a plane figure
  13. 19. a relation in which every input is paired with exactly one output
  14. 21. inequality two inequalities that are combined into one statement by the word and or or
  15. 22. value the absolute value of x is the distance, from zero to x on a number line
  16. 23. information gathered from a survey or experiment
  1. 1. expression an expression that contains at least one variable
  2. 2. to find the value of an algebraic expression by substituting a number for each variable and simplifying by using the order of operations
  3. 3. a monomial or a sum or difference of monimials
  4. 5. a mathematical statement that two expressions are equivalent
  5. 8. the distance around a circle
  6. 9. a polynomial with three terms
  7. 14. the process of writing a number or algebraic expression as a product
  8. 15. form y-y=m(x-x)
  9. 16. a mathematical phrase that contains operations, numbers, and/or variables.
  10. 17. a polynomial with two terms
  11. 20. a literal equation that states a rule for a relationship among quantaties