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  1. 3. a real number associated with any square9
  2. 8. a term that has a variable40
  3. 13. the line segment joinging the vertices of an ellipse24
  4. 17. the output variable in an equation in two variables8
  5. 18. in linear programing the linear inequalities that form a system4
  6. 21. the most basic function in a family of functions29
  7. 22. the input variable in a equation in two variables20
  8. 26. two linesin the same plane that do not intersect28
  9. 27. a term that has a number part but no variable part5
  10. 29. using f(x)15
  11. 30. the mode of the of n number or numbers that occur most frequently26
  12. 33. relation for which each input has exactly one output14
  13. 34. in a linear programing the graph of the system of constraints13
  14. 36. a real number by which you multiply a matrix37
  15. 37. a staement that equates two equilvant expressions16
  16. 38. the horizonotal length of each cycle of a periodic function30
  17. 39. a mapping or pairing of input values with iutput values35
  1. 1. a complex number a+bi17
  2. 2. the set with no elements12
  3. 4. the line segment joining the covertices of an ellipse25
  4. 5. the shortest repeating portion of the graph of a periodic functions6
  5. 6. a transformation that flips a graph or figure in a line34
  6. 7. a function that contains an absolute value expression2
  7. 9. a function whose graph consists of separate points10
  8. 10. a number k is a zero of a function38
  9. 11. the absolute value of a number1
  10. 12. the relationship of two variables21
  11. 14. the number or expression beneath a radical sign33
  12. 15. each object in a set11
  13. 16. the sum of two monomials3
  14. 19. a function whose graph has a repeating pattern31
  15. 20. a letter that is used to represent one or more numbers39
  16. 22. i=sqaure root 18
  17. 23. radical expressions with the same index and radicand22
  18. 24. a group of people or object that you want information about32
  19. 25. the graph falls down7
  20. 28. the graph rises from laft to right for all real numbers19
  21. 31. the opposite or additive inverse of any number27
  22. 32. terms that have the same variable parts23
  23. 35. a subject of a population36