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  1. 2. Is the product of any quantity and an integer.
  2. 5. a number shows you how many times the number is to be used in a multiplication.
  3. 7. Something used for making mathematical calculations,
  4. 9. is a number we do not know.
  5. 10. An instrument for measuring angles
  6. 12. The study of the measurement, properties, and relationships of quantities and sets.
  7. 14. Is a flat surface with no thickness
  8. 15. An exact location.
  9. 19. The part of mathematics in which letters and other general symbols are used.
  10. 21. The distance a number is from zero.
  11. 22. A line that just touches a curve at one point, without cutting across it.
  12. 24. A triangle with three equal sides.
  13. 26. is a number which multiplied by itself, gives you the original number.
  14. 27. A point or dot used to separate the whole number.
  1. 1. A ruler with a sliding central strip, marked with logarithmic scales.
  2. 3. Is the study of 'Rates of Change'.
  3. 4. a position to the left or right of an object.
  4. 6. act of solving
  5. 7. When two or more fractions have the same denominator.
  6. 8. A long thin mark made by a pen.
  7. 11. a figure that has three sides.
  8. 13. A reference line drawn on a graph
  9. 15. to draw out or lengthen.
  10. 16. To draw straight lines or measure distances.
  11. 17. the longest side of a triangle
  12. 18. Sum of numbers.
  13. 20. typically a corner or a point where lines meet.
  14. 23. Are numbers you can multiply together to get another number.
  15. 25. A 3-dimensional object shaped like a ball.