1. 2. the word after the number in a math problem.
  2. 8. a point where two or more curves or edges meet.
  3. 10. the relation between two expressions that are not equal employing a sign as > <.
  4. 11. when two lines cross.
  5. 12. the point which is equal distance from all points on the circle.
  6. 14. an accurate representation of the distribution of numerical data.
  7. 16. the ratio of the length in a drawing or model to the length on the real thing.
  8. 17. an observation point that is distant from other observations.
  9. 18. a path that surrounds a two-dimensional shape.
  10. 20. when the object on the graph is either being multiplied or divided.
  11. 22. each of the quantities in a ratio, series or mathematical expression
  12. 23. the complete set of possible values of the independent variable.
  13. 24. how much a data sample is scattered.
  1. 1. a relationship or expression involving one or more variables.
  2. 3. movement of an object either moving up, down, left or right.
  3. 4. made up of exactly similar parts facing each other or around an axis.
  4. 5. the answer to a math problem.
  5. 6. a number or algebraic expression by which another is exactly divisible.
  6. 7. a transformation where the shape is the same on both sides.
  7. 9. of or expressed by a mathematical exponent.
  8. 13. a statement that the values of two mathematical expressions are equal.
  9. 15. a calculation from zero or more input values to an output value
  10. 16. a number that describes both the direction and steepness of the line.
  11. 19. the difference between the lowest and highest values.
  12. 21. move the variable or number by itself.