1. 3. the size a surface takes up.
  2. 4. terms that share the same variable
  3. 8. a plane containing two perpendicular axes (x, and y) intersecting at a point called the origin
  4. 9. comparison of two(2) quantities by division
  5. 13. any unknown represented by a letter
  6. 15. the distance between a number and 0 on the number line
  7. 16. the largest number that divides the given numbers without leaving any remainder
  8. 17. formula used to solve the order of operations
  9. 18. any number without a variable
  1. 1. occurs when things are not equal.
  2. 2. largest number subtracted from the smallest number
  3. 3. contains at least one variable and at least one operation
  4. 5. number that occurs most frequently in a set of data
  5. 6. the number in front of the variable
  6. 7. the set of all whole numbers and their opposites
  7. 9. integers and all the numbers in between
  8. 10. cost to purchase one of something
  9. 11. number in the middle of a set when placed from least to greatest
  10. 12. Imperial and customary fluid volume unit for measuring liquids.
  11. 14. the average in a set of numbers