1. 3. The process of comparing an object's size or quantity to a standard unit.
  2. 5. A repeated sequence of shapes, numbers, or colors.
  3. 8. A number that represents a part of a whole or a part of a group.
  4. 9. The process of adding a number repeatedly to itself or another number.
  5. 11. The amount of space inside a shape or a surface.
  6. 13. A shape with four equal sides and four right angles.
  7. 15. A number that includes a decimal point to represent a part of a whole.
  8. 16. The branch of mathematics that deals with shapes, sizes, and properties of objects.
  9. 17. A balance or similarity of shape, size, or arrangement on opposite sides of a dividing line.
  1. 1. Taking one number away from another to find the difference.
  2. 2. A mathematical sentence that shows that two expressions are equal.
  3. 4. Sharing or dividing a number into equal parts to find out how many are in each part.
  4. 6. Combining two or more numbers to find the total or sum.
  5. 7. The likelihood or chance of an event happening.
  6. 10. A shape with three sides and three angles.
  7. 12. The space between two lines or rays that meet at a common point.
  8. 14. The distance around the outside of a shape or a figure.