1. 3. The study of triangles, with emphasis on calculations involving the lengths of sides and the measures of angles
  2. 5. an algebraic expression in which the variables involved have only non-negative integral powers
  3. 6. A number n for which the sum of all the positive integer factors of n which are less than n add up to n is called a number
  4. 7. The y-coordinate in a point (x, y)
  5. 8. a constant number that serves as a measure or some property or characteristic
  6. 9. first person to give the first known proof
  7. 10. a series of well defined steps which give a procedure for solving a type of problem
  8. 11. Identical in shape, although not necessarily the same size.
  9. 13. the first person to compute the decimal expansion of pi
  10. 18. instrument which is based on the principle of trigonometry and is used for measuring angles with a rotating telescope
  11. 21. a proven statement used for proving other statements
  12. 23. The four sections into which the x-y plane is divided by the x- and y-axes.
  13. 26. The first coordinate in an ordered pair
  14. 29. a quantity that can change or take different values
  1. 1. the first person to discover the numbers which are not rational
  2. 2. An equation of fractions in the form: a/b = c/d
  3. 4. In a polynomial, the highest power of the variables is known as
  4. 6. The likelihood of the occurrence of an event
  5. 12. the polynomial of degree 1 is called a polynomial
  6. 14. product of the smallest power of each common prime factors in the numbers
  7. 15. . geometry of axioms, theorems, and two-column proofs
  8. 16. the ratio of the areas of two similar triangles is equal to the ratio of the of the corresponding sides
  9. 17. the number of times a particular observation occurs
  10. 19. the value of cos A ,when A increases from 0 degree to 90 degree
  11. 20. an equation which is true for all the values of the variables involved
  12. 22. A u-shaped curve with certain specific properties
  13. 24. a statement accepted as true without any proof
  14. 25. The point at which a parabola makes its sharpest turn
  15. 27. The steepness of a line expressed as a ratio, using any two points on the line.
  16. 28. An irrational number that can be expressed as a radical