1. 1. A whole number greater than 1 and only have factor 1 and itself
  2. 6. To rewrite maths expression to less complex form
  3. 8. Something close to the correct answer
  4. 9. A number that multiplied by itself to produce specific quantity
  5. 11. Combination of numbers and symbols that show the value of something
  6. 12. A shortcut of the operation of repeated addition of the same number
  7. 13. A whole number that can be divided by 2 and have no remainder
  8. 17. The number that multiplies by itself three times to create a cubic value
  9. 18. Mathematical expression written in an expanded form.
  10. 20. A numerical quantity that is not a whole number
  1. 2. A whole number that can be positive, negative or zero
  2. 3. A whole number that has more than two different factors
  3. 4. Number we can multiply together to get another number
  4. 5. Rounding a number to its nearest place value
  5. 7. Finding what to multiply to give the original number
  6. 10. A value that represents a quantity along a number line
  7. 14. How many times a number is multiplied by itself
  8. 15. A fraction written in digits based of tens
  9. 16. The study of mathematical symbols and the rules for manipulating these symbols
  10. 19. A whole number that cannot be divided exactly by 2