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Medical Staff Services

  1. 3. nonemergency care for colds, flu, broken bones
  2. 6. the term used to charge an individual for their medical insurance?
  3. 10. what is the acronym for Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers & System
  4. 11. provide treatment to patients in their home
  5. 13. what does PCS stand for?
  6. 15. what does CAH stand for
  7. 16. provide care to patient who require healthcare for less than 30 days
  8. 21. most complex medical care
  9. 22. what does CAH stand for
  10. 24. usually a doctor a patient sees first for medical care
  11. 25. a healthcare professional who is part of a managed care network
  12. 26. performs receptionist duties in the nursing unit
  13. 27. specialist verifies the credentials of medical staff
  1. 1. committee medical staff committee which review & verifies medical staff application data
  2. 2. generally formed by several physicians sharing a building, sometimes different specialites
  3. 3. ensuring patient care is coordinated so the patients discharge or transfer is timely
  4. 4. provides care to patients with cardiac disease
  5. 5. committee reviews medical staff applications & reccommendations
  6. 7. developed professional standard to assess the compliance of healthcare organizations
  7. 8. facility a patient goes to when they require more than 30 days of care
  8. 9. group of provider that contract with carriers to participate in a specific managed care plan
  9. 12. provides healthcare facilities with administrative support and staffing services
  10. 13. a fixed amount a healthcare organization will receive for specific services
  11. 14. file with all healthcare providers including nonphysicians & sites of care created by CMS
  12. 15. credentialing is obtained through the AAMA (American Association of Medical Assitants)
  13. 17. a unique number created by CMS for physicians who bill services to them
  14. 18. medical staff policies
  15. 19. voluntary accredits health organizations
  16. 20. clinic providing care for people experiencing emotional and psychological issues
  17. 23. healthcare organizations must obtain what before they can provide services?