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Medical Terminology Vocabulary Crossword

  1. 1. What layer of the skin contains hair follicles, sweat, and glands?
  2. 5. A scab or dry crust that results from a burn.
  3. 7. Albino is caused by a complete lack of what in the skin?
  4. 8. What does the Gaulblabber store?
  5. 10. What is the medical term for fungal infection of nails?
  6. 12. word root for small intestine.
  7. 15. If you have inflammation of the joints wht kind of specialist would you see?
  8. 16. What condition involving white patches on the lips and buccal mucus?
  9. 18. What is the medical term for bed sore?
  10. 21. Black tarry stools caused by presense of partially digested blood.
  11. 22. What is the medical term for baldness or hair loss?
  12. 25. What is the medical specialist that replaces missing teeth?
  13. 27. What type of hernia is a loop of intestine into the ingunial canal?
  14. 28. A nodule filled with semi-solid material?
  15. 31. Rhythmic contraction of the esophogas surrounding a bolus to move it from the throat into the stomach.
  16. 34. Word root for thousands of tiny projections in the small intestine.
  17. 35. First part of the small intestine.
  18. 36. First part of the large intestine.
  19. 37. A tubular cavity.
  20. 38. Build up of debris on teeth.
  21. 40. What is the word root for fat?
  1. 2. What gland produces oil?
  2. 3. What's the medical term for bone cells?
  3. 4. What is the osterior posterior curvature?
  4. 6. Whats the medical term for palm facing up?
  5. 9. Pouches in the lining of the small intestine
  6. 11. Medical term for teeth that do not touch when mouth is closed
  7. 13. What is the medical term for the top of the uterus?
  8. 14. What is the word root for black?
  9. 17. What is the medical term for the tube from the throat to the stomach?
  10. 19. Osteo Artheritis is the same as what?
  11. 20. A deformity resulting in an abnormal twisting foot.
  12. 23. What is the medical term for excision of wrinkle?
  13. 24. Masticated lump of food.
  14. 26. What are the bones in the wrist called?
  15. 29. What are fibers covering muscles?
  16. 30. What is another word for fungal infection?
  17. 32. exit from the small intestine, and the entrance to the colon.
  18. 33. A massive hemorage into the tissues under skin.
  19. 39. Chronic systematic inflammation of the collagen in connective tissue.