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  1. 2. A piece of clothing that covers most of the body of a patient.
  2. 4. A person's skeleton consists of ...
  3. 6. A piece of an organ, a little blood, etc.
  4. 10. A part of a hospital where a particular type of treatment is provided.
  5. 11. Department where healthcare for pregnant women is provided.
  6. 12. Department where heart diseases are treated.
  7. 15. When a woman is about to have a baby.
  8. 18. The manner of treating a patient.
  9. 19. He/she performs surgery pain relief and preparation.
  10. 22. Department where you go, if you have problems with joints.
  11. 24. A cotton fabric used to cover wounds or surgical incisions.
  12. 25. Department where there are a lot of patients in life-threatening condition.
  13. 26. Jane is a lab ... .
  14. 28. A device used for injecting liquids into the body.
  15. 29. It fills prescriptions.
  1. 1. A point where two bones meet in the body.
  2. 3. A pan used as a toilet by a person who is too ill to get out of bed.
  3. 5. Department where children are cared for.
  4. 7. I am a general ..., I know everything about general medicine
  5. 8. Department where skin cancer can be treated.
  6. 9. A written message from a doctor that officially tells someone to use a medicine, therapy, etc.
  7. 13. A chair with wheels that is used by people who cannot walk because they are disabled, sick, or injured.
  8. 14. Laboratory where the samples are tested.
  9. 16. Department where X-rays and CT-scans are made for hospital departments.
  10. 17. Not safe.
  11. 20. Department where organ transplants are carried out.
  12. 21. A chemical that is found in the air, that has no color, taste, or smell, and that is necessary for life.
  13. 23. Method, operation, surgery.
  14. 27. I have the nursing schedules.