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Mental Health

  1. 2. protecting ones skin from the harmful sun rays
  2. 4. a conflict inside yourself
  3. 5. someone hurting you or doing something to you that you do not want by force
  4. 6. texting, eating or putting on makeup in a car while driving
  5. 7. the bad elements contained in food
  6. 8. dependence on an addictive substance, mainly referring to drugs and alcohol
  7. 9. 5 steps; get information, look at perspectives, how to change situation, acceptable action, resolve
  8. 11. the ability to carry out life processes like growing and consuming
  9. 12. physical features of nature that occur naturally
  10. 14. where you may live or work and how your family surrounds you, example is if your parents treat you
  11. 16. a conflict that occurs outside of yourself
  12. 17. anything that can help you not get injured or hurt
  13. 19. examples are marijuana and tobacco overindulged
  14. 22. one of the most important thing to remember when trying to improve your mental health
  15. 26. most addictive drug that is overindulged
  16. 29. condition or disease that is long-lasting, occurs in time or is persistent, examples are asthma and allergies
  1. 1. when another person try's to convince you to do something, typically something you don't want to do
  2. 2. feeling overwhelmed with things to do or about someone's health etc
  3. 3. having a good sense of self-esteem, confidence and well-being
  4. 10. when two people make each other happy and help each other create a positive future
  5. 13. examples of this are, dust, mold and second-hand smoke
  6. 15. the bad elements contained in water
  7. 18. acronym for when electric or magnetic fields cause some people to get health problems
  8. 20. protecting yourself from any harmful activity that may occur
  9. 21. psychological, emotional and social well-being of a person
  10. 23. protection from any harmful activity that may occur
  11. 24. how our bodies are, healthy or sick
  12. 25. growth of abnormal skin cells, typically caused from damaged skin cells
  13. 27. the rules that help tell you if an action is right or wrong
  14. 28. can be difficult if you have a bad mental state, example is not brushing your hair for a long period of time