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Mental Health

  1. 1. a persistent condition in which the person cannot go to sleep or stay asleep throughout the night
  2. 4. move of the client: for example from a chair to a wheelchair
  3. 6. an intense and sudden feeling of fear, anxiety, terror or dread for no obvious reason
  4. 9. extreme suspicion about a person or situation
  5. 10. present at birth
  6. 11. a term to describe infants, babies, or children who are below the norms for body weight, growth or cognitive development
  7. 12. seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting or feeling something that is not there
  8. 16. prevented from having any power or control over one's life or health care
  9. 18. a process that involves allowing an abused substance to exit the body naturally or medically removing the substance from the body
  10. 20. shame or social disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality or person
  11. 21. absence of at least three consecutive menstrual periods, as normally expected to occur
  12. 23. false beliefs of being mistreated
  13. 27. a mental state in which perception of reality is impaired
  1. 2. the need to urinate through the night
  2. 3. condition where the client withdraws into the self
  3. 5. official entry of a client into a hospital or other health care facility
  4. 7. impaired ability to learn
  5. 8. pain felt in a body part that is no longer there
  6. 13. the state of being uncared for physically, emotionally, and psychologically
  7. 14. a fixed, false belief that is not based on reality
  8. 15. sudden pain due to injury, disease, trauma, or surgery: generally lasts less than 6 months
  9. 17. an attack on a persons's self-esteem, such as constantly insulting, humiliating or rejecting him, or saying that he is "stupid" or "bad"
  10. 19. a violent, sudden contraction of muscle groups
  11. 22. any non-consensual sexual act that results from a threat, coercion or force
  12. 24. an eating disorder defined as persistently eating or mouthing substances without nutritional value for a period of at least a month
  13. 25. feelings of intolerance or prejudice toward a person or group of people because of their age
  14. 26. physical or mental harm caused by someone in a position of trust